Three things to keep on the burner in food news this week

Free Chipotle, plus more to chew on heading into the last week of January. 

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Plates of chicken and mojos were served up at the Elkhart Knights of Columbus' Shakey's fundraiser Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015.
What's your favorite Shakey's memory?

In honor of the Elkhart Knights of Columbus’ Shakey’s Pizza Parlor fundraiser on Saturday, Jan. 24, we asked locals to share their favorite memories from the restaurant’s heyday. 

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La Bonne Vie: Food, like art, will make itself known

The next time you sit down to eat, be present to your food and experience it fully. And give this show-stopping chocolate pudding recipe a try.

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There's still hope for hard-to-find haggis for Burns Supper

Learn more about the traditional Scottish entrée and how to get around the USDA’s ban on sheep’s lung just in time to celebrate Burns Supper on Sunday.

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16 South Bend restaurants offer special deals for restaurant week

South Bend’s Winter Restaurant Week will take place from Jan. 26 to Feb. 8 and feature 16 different restaurants, each offering special discounted menus.

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Vegan at the Bend: What does a vegan do at a barbecue?

A visit to the Hunter Ice Festival in Niles, Mich., means baked beans, crispy slaw and a hearty smoked portobello sandwich.

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Mishawaka bar serves lightning in a mason jar

Since opening in April 2014, Treehouse Shinebar has built itself a reputation specializing in concocting an Indiana version of the Tennessee tradition of moonshine.

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