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Friday, February 23, 2018
What does Alzheimer's disease and wine pairing have in common? The short answer is Beta Alpha Chi sorority.The local Beta Chi chapter hosted their annual wine pairing fundraiser at Fruit Hills Winery and Orchard in Bristol this past week. Proceeds...
Known more for fruit liqueurs/vodkas — e.g. Sliwkowa , Wisniowa or Krupnik — I discovered a commercial fine wine industry during my trip to Poland last month.I had my first taste of cutting edge domestic wine at...

During a trip to Southern Poland, evidence of a resurgent wine industry. is unexpectedly found 

Italian fine-dining was not anticipated in Old San Juan. Choosing a bottle of wine for dinner with friends proved to be a problem solved to everyone’s satisfaction.  

Eric and Emily Harris pursue careers by realizing their vision of a local winery operation

A wine recommendation for Polish sausage, and reasons why it pairs so well

Much of our preference in foods is based on our perception of bitterness. Wine is no exception.

The Lake Michigan Shore annual workshop is an opportunity for Michigan wines to be compared against world standards.

Pairing chocolate with wine is a personal taste experience. Here are some suggestions from the Hoosier Wineaux.

Rieslings are food-friendly because they come in a wide range of styles that pair well with a variety of dishes