A look inside the soon-to-open Cubby Bear Pizza

April 22, 2014

When Steve and Frank Hill purchased the former Mad Anthony's Old State Ale House, they cleaned the place.

Now that remodeling is nearly done on the main floor, cleaning is underway again. It'll open as Cubby Bear Pizza (526 S. Main St., Elkhart) in May, if all goes as planned.

The tables and wall hangings are the same. The mural on the front is gone and now has a projection screen. The bar has walls around it.

The idea is to offer video games, televisions and food that would remind people of the old Shakey's experience in Elkhart.

Work isn't done in the basement, but a 1,600-square-foot space that once had the movie theater's concession area will become a banquet area for a variety of gatherings.

Steve Hill said their hearing for the liquor license is mid-May and the place will open sometime after that's approved.

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