Downtown South Bend restaurants quickly reopening after outage

May 16, 2014

Generators sprang up like spring flowers after a power outage Thursday in downtown South Bend.

Kurt Janowsky, owner of Cafe Navarre, said, “Almost everybody’s got a generator.”

LaSalle Grill, Ciao’s Lounge, Woochi, The Vine and his businesses are all open for business. And that’s huge for those expecting a big weekend because of graduation at the University of Notre Dame.

Janowsky said he has 400 reservations for Cafe Navarre and the notion that downtown will suffer isn’t true.

Century Center is reopening soon and a two megawatt generator is on its way to get the Doubletree hotel open later this afternoon.

An underground fire knocked out power Thursday night and power may not be restored until 6:30 p.m. Sunday. Police initially asked people to avoid the area, but Janowsky is hoping people don’t.

Publication of the The Elkhart Truth was delayed due to the outage. Friday papers will be delivered Saturday morning.

People are finding a way to be open for business. "We’re in good shape,“ Janowsky said.

You can go to The Elkhart Truth for more information on the outage.



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