Hop Notes: Local beers make national "best of" lists

According to Thrillist, Michiana is a great place for craft beer enthusiasts. But we already knew that.

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Bell's Brewery releases new glass

I was able to acquire two of the new Bell’s wheat beer glasses. Read on to find out how you could win one.

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Zarabanda, Jubel 2015 and other special Deschutes releases coming to Michigan

Craft brewing and culinary worlds come together in a spiced saison, a once-in-a-decade beer so good it’s coming five years early, and more.

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All Stouts Day at Bell's and winning homebrews

Even if you missed out on the stouts from last weekend’s event, you will still have the opportunity to enjoy some of Matt VanNatter’s winning California Common style beer brewed with coffee.

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Upland Brewing will release Dubbel Up later this month as a part of their Side Trail Series
Dubbel Up will be available late November from Upland Brewing Co.

As cooler weather arrives, we add more layers. Get ready to explore the rich layers and hearty characteristics of Upland’s new Belgian Dubbel.

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Hop Notes: Right Brain's popular espresso beer gets its own day

Four variations of CEO Stout, dubbed the Board Room Series, will be brewed for CEO day Nov. 29. The ultra-rare series will be available at just 11 locations outside the brewery.

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Bell's winter seasonal is already available locally

Cold weather is coming and hockey season is already under way. What better way to enjoy yourself than to enjoy a K Wings game with Bell’s Winter White Ale?

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Enjoy the intense flavor of fresh hopped beers this harvest season

Hops are harvested annually, and some brewers are making use of the intense flavor of fresh – as opposed to dried – hops.

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