Flavor 574 podcast returns with Glazed and Confused

Glazed and Confused Artisanal Donuts offers doughnuts in seasonal flavors, including candy corn for Halloween (which has real candy corn in it). (Krystal Vivian/Flavor 574)

And we’re back!

The Flavor 574 podcast is officially back from vacation and here with all the food and drink news you want to know.

This week on the show, we spoke with Amanda Kulwicki, who runs Glazed and Confused Artisanal Donuts from her Mishawaka home.

Tune in to find out how she comes up with flavors like Peanut Butterfinger and Candy Corn and where you need to go to place an order.

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  1. Good luck to her, but I prefer deep fried doughnuts! And I’m curious about food-based businesses run out of people’s homes. Are kitchens inspected, workers licensed? What are the rules there?