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21 things that cost $5 that you’ve probably bought a hundred times

You spend $5 all the time without batting an eye. Don’t second guess splurging a little extra on a great bottle of wine from Glenwood Cellars.

By: Tiedemann on Wines

1. A new pack of pens

2. Lunch at a fast food restaurant

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3. A pint of craft beer

4. Gas station sunglasses

5. An adult coloring book

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6. Colored pencils to go with the coloring book.

7. A pack of cigarettes

8. ATM fees (they’re the worst)

9. A case of pop

10. Or a case of LaCroix

11. Your favorite cocktail

12. A cheap pair of earbud headphones

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13. A phone charging code that broke in a week

14. A last-minute gift bag for a birthday or anniversary

15. Gas station snacks

16. Treats for your four-legged buds

17. A pack of AA batteries

18. Face wash

19. A slice of pizza

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20. A box of cereal

21. A glass of wine

Spend the extra $5 to step up your wine game with a bottle of Glenwood Cellars — Napa Valley wine made special for Michiana. Ask for a bottle at your favorite local restaurant or Chalet Party Shoppe today.

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