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Win free food from Chipotle, Penn Station East Coast Subs

Call it a Halloween treat, call it seasonal marketing, whatever you want — you can win free food TODAY from Chipotle and Penn Station. All you have to do is play a game.

Chipotle is asking fans to play “A Love Story Game” that is essentially the card game Memory. You have a minute to match up the cards, but beware: there are two cards hidden that will take away 5 seconds from your time. You’ll probably end up hitting at least one of them, but just know where to avoid.

If you win, you can sign up to get a text message that will include a coupon to get a Buy-One-Get-One item at Chipotle, valid until Nov. 30.

Will it be enough to finally win everyone’s trust back after the infamous Chipotle e coli scandal? Maybe, maybe not… but free Chipotle!

You can only play once.

Penn Station East Coast Subs is asking fans to play its Halloween Hangman game. Winners will get a random coupon for a free item or BOGO free deal. You can play (and win a new coupon) everyday through Oct. 31.

Go forth and get free food!

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