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This Michigan color tour is perfect for people who love wine and fall

You know what goes great with these beautiful fall colors? A glass of wine. Luckily, there’s plenty of both in Michigan.

If you want to celebrate the season with vino, check out this Michigan color tour that features stops at four wineries and a place to eat lunch on the shore of Lake Michigan before ending at an orchard where you can pick apples while you enjoy wine and/or hard cider.

You’ll have to pick your own route to get to our starting point at Karma Vista Vineyards, but after that we have directions for you the whole way. Keep in mind that this is a Michigan color tour, so the goal isn’t to get from one place to another in the shortest/fastest way possible — the goal is to enjoy the beautiful leaves Michigan has to offer. The routes avoid main highways as much as possible, so plan on a relaxing, beautiful drive.

You can print out the directions below or download the Google Map to your phone.

Editor’s Note: Please drink responsibly. A designated driver is recommended for this Michigan color tour. Do not drink and drive.

1. STARTING AT: Karma Vista Vineyards

6991 Ryno Road, Coloma

  • Leaving the winery, turn right onto Ryno Road.
  • After almost 3/4 mile, turn left onto Friday Road. Contessa will be on your left after almost 3/4 mile.

Total drive time: 3 minutes

2. WINERY TWO: Contessa Wine Cellars

3235 Friday Road, Coloma

  • Leaving the winery, turn left onto Friday Road.
  • Turn right onto Carmody Road and travel for about 3/4 mile.
  • Turn left onto Boyer Road.
  • After 2 miles, turn right onto Branch Road. Stay on the road until it Ts.
  • Turn right onto Territorial Road.
  • Two miles later, turn left onto North Benton Center Road.
  • After traveling 1 1/3 miles, turn left onto Drove Avenue.
  • Follow it along the curve until it Ts at Greenly Avenue. Turn left.
  • After 1/2 mile, you’ll come to a T. Turn right onto Meadowbrook Road.
  • Follow the road along the curve and turn left at the first cross street onto South Pipestone Road.
  • After more than 1/2 mile, turn right onto Nickerson Avenue. A little more than 1 mile later, turn left onto M-139 South/Scottdale Road.
  • Travel for almost 2 1/4 miles, then turn right onto M-63 North/Minsters Road.
  • About 1/3 mile, turn left onto Glenlord Road. You’ll be on this road for 4 1/3 miles.
  • Turn left onto Ridge Road. After 1/4 mile, turn left onto Walden Path. You’ll see the restaurant immediately.

Total drive time: 39 minutes

3. LUNCH: Tosi’s 

4337 Ridge Road, Stevensville

  • Leaving the restaurant, turn left onto Ridge Road and drive along it for about 3/4 mile.
  • Turn left onto Marquette Roads Road.
  • After a little more than 1/2 mile, turn right at the T onto Red Arrow Highway.
  • Follow the highway for almost 7 miles, then turn left onto Lake Street.
  • After 1 mile, it’ll turn into Shawnee Road. Stay on the road for another 3 3/4 miles.
  • Turn right onto Hills Road. After about 1 1/4 miles, turn right to continue onto Hills Road.
  • Round Barn Winery is on your left.

Total drive time: 26 minutes

4. WINERY THREE: Round Barn Winery, Distillery & Brewery

10983 Hills Road, Baroda

  • When you’re finished at Round Barn, turn left onto Hills Road.
  • 1 mile later, turn right onto Browntown Road.
  • After a little more than 1/2 mile, your fourth winery will be on your left.

Total drive time: 3 minutes

5. WINERY FOUR: Hickory Creek Winery

750 Browntown Road, Buchanan

  • When you’re ready for your final stop before heading home (or where ever), turn (you guessed it) left onto Browntown Road.
  • When the road curves, take a left (it’s more like staying straight) onto Gardner Road.
  • About a mile later, turn right onto West Glendora Road.
  • Turn your first right onto Boyle Lake Road.  This road is curvy at first, so travel slowly.
  • After 1 3/4 miles, you’ll come to a four-way intersection with East Wagner Road. Turn left.
  • Follow this curvy road for about a mile, then turn right onto Able Road. Go back to Boyle Lake Road and turn left (we only went this way for the trees, tbh).
  • Turn left at your first four-way intersection onto Warren Woods Road. Stay on it for about 1 1/3 mile.
  • Turn right onto West Clear Lake Road. This road will curve too.
  • 1 1/4 mile later, turn left onto East Elm Valley Road. When the road curves north after about 1 1/3 mile, turn right to continue going east on Elm Valley Road.
  • At the T, turn right onto Madron Lake Road, then take the very next left onto West Front Street.
  • After about 2 miles, the road will turn into Niles Buchanan Road. Continue another 3 1/4 miles.
  • Turn right onto South Philip Road. A mile in, the road will become Weaver Road. Stay on for 2 more miles.
  • Turn right onto Briad Road.
  • A mile later, turn right onto Portage Road.
  • Your final stop is on your left.

Total drive time: 47 minutes

6. LAST STOP: Lehman’s Orchards

2280 Portage Road, Niles

We’re finishing at Lehman’s because it’s a great place to get some snacks (trail mix anyone?!) or continue drinking wine if you wish (just make sure you have that DD!).

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here all night. This is where the Michigan winery color tour ends — hope you enjoyed the trip!

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