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All About Apples: Where to pick local apples and how to bake with them

Things are starting to look very fall-like outside.

Leaves are beginning to change colors. Temperatures are (mostly) dropping. And fall fruits and veggies are ready for harvest.

(Flavor 574 photo/Joe Kuharic)
(Flavor 574 photo/Joe Kuharic)

Fall apples have been ripening since about September, and now is the prime time to get them. We’ve got your primer on what to look for, where to go and what to do with your apples once you’ve picked them.

What to pick

It’s one thing to want apples, but it’s another to know what you’re looking at. Test your apple identification skills with our five question quiz on popular apples. Don’t worry if you can’t pick ’em all out, you can always go back and try again.

Where to pick

Now that you know what you’re looking at, you need to know where you can pick your favorite variety. Our list of 16 orchards around Michiana covers everyone from Berrien Springs, Mich.,┬áto Nappanee.

Easy as apple pie

You’ve got your apples. Now what? If you’re a cooking newbie, you’re gonna need a good apple pie recipe to start with. If you’re a veteran in apple affairs, you still might learn something new. Brush up on your skills with these three recipes.

A taste for something different

In all likelihood, you’ve picked a bushel or more of apples. And there’s seriously only so much apple pie you can eat. That’s why we put together a list of 15 different ways you can use up your bounty of apples, and show off your culinary skills.

Light on ingredients

If you’re low on cooking supplies, that’s no problem! We’ve got a list of three apple recipes that need five ingredients or less. Guess what. You already have at least one of them.

Cider vs. Juice

Just what the heck is the difference between apple cider and apple juice? Mary Ann Lienhart-Cross, the director of Purdue Extension Elkhart County, delves into the topic. Lienhart-Cross explains why you have to drink one right away and why one can sit in the fridge for awhile. Plus, she shares an apple cooler recipe.

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