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Popular Goshen bakery, Rachel’s Bread, to become Anna’s Bread in 2017

Rachel’s Bread will be getting a new owner, but it’s staying in the family.

Like the slow rise of great bread, the timetable and details still need more time to develop, but owner Rachel Shenk announced this week that she’ll be selling the business to a longtime friend and employee.

Anna Mast started baking with Shenk when she was 18. Twelve years later, she’s worked at the bakery most of that time and will become the new owner, likely around the first of the year.

Shenk confirmed the details of a Facebook post, which indicated a timetable of about Jan. 1 and that the new name would be Anna’s Bread. The bakery is located at 212 W. Washington St., Goshen.

The two friends and co-workers have been discussing this for a while and Shenk has said she plans to mostly retire. She started baking more than 20 years ago and Rachel’s has become a favorite for artisan breads and pastries in the European style. Rachel’s is one of the most popular breakfast spots in Goshen on Saturdays and has a devoted following.

Shenk has also been a columnist for Flavor 574 and opened The Wedge, a cheese shop in the Goshen Farmers Market adjacent to the bakery.

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