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DIY: How to make your own cold-brewed coffee

Not everyone wants their coffee to be a million degrees when they take a sip. In fact, some people don’t even mind it when their coffee cools.

Enter, cold brew coffee.

It may sound a little strange to brew coffee without a Mr. Coffee, but it’s easy and you can add some versatility to your caffeine consumption.

By brewing your coffee cold, you create a more concentrated drink with less acid and more flavor. Heat breaks down the chemical structures in coffee grounds, destroying some of the flavor.

As a bonus, you can enjoy your cold-brewed coffee hot and retain the flavor you just created because the grounds are no longer part of the mix. You can also enjoy your cold brew mixed with milk and sugar for a refreshing drink any time of the year. Bonus? You can cover your brew and store it in the fridge for about two weeks.

How to make your own cold-brew coffee

You’ll want to play with the ratio of coffee to water to find a mix that’s to your tasting, but a good place to start is 1:4 coffee grounds to water.

In a grinder, coarsely grind your beans to the desired amount. It’s important that grounds are very coarse to ensure proper filtration later, and to keep your coffee clear.

In a container (mason jar, French press, etc.), pour the coffee grounds. Slowly pour cold water over the grounds in the container. Mix thoroughly to suspend the coffee grounds in the water and to make sure they’re properly saturated.

Photographer: (Abi Porter) License:
Photographer: (Abi Porter) License:

Now, wait for at least 12 hours. Yep, let it set! Cold brewing works by giving the water time to pull the flavor and color out of the coffee grounds over time. If you’re able to let it set longer, that’s great too because you’ll give the coffee more time to pull out additional flavor and caffeine.

Once the coffee has finished steeping, grab a cheese cloth and colander (or your chosen method of filtering) and slowly pour the coffee and grounds through the strainer. If your coffee looks clear with few grounds, you’re ready to go. If there still seems to be grounds in the coffee, strain the mix again through a clean cheesecloth.

You’re now ready to enjoy your cold-brewed coffee!

Share your cold-brew coffee successes with us in the comments below!

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