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Podcast: We’re out of our gourds for squash season

You’ve never really tasted pumpkin.

At least that’s the consensus of the Flavor podcast crew.

“I think people don’t realize that you’ve never taken a bite of a pumpkin, so nobody really knows what a pumpkin tastes like. But they know what pumpkin pie tastes like,” says Rob in the latest podcast.

Let’s be real. By show of hands, who here has taken a solid bite of pumpkin. Exactly.

“You know how hungry I’d have to be [to eat a pumpkin]? This is like, island food day 300,” Rob continued.

That being said, who reading this doesn’t love pumpkin everything? Also, exactly.

Regardless, the crew loves pumpkins, gourds and squash. Just not the raw kind.

In this episode, the crew dishes on their favorite squash and their carve out some time to tell you their favorite recipes.

You can find the Flavor 574 podcast at Opt In On Demand. New episodes will appear each week and may be downloaded or subscribe via iTunesGoogle Play and audioboom.

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