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Ricky’s Taqueria closed briefly, but could reopen soon

Hungry fans of Ricky’s Taqueria were disappointed to find it closed at lunch today, but the popular Elkhart restaurant could reopen very soon, according to the owner.

An orange sign in the front door window indicates an issue with the Indiana Department of Revenue. Amanda Stanley, director of public relations for the department, said in an email she couldn’t release specifics, but added: “When the department has exhausted all efforts to collect taxes from a business, the department revokes the business’s Registered Retail Merchant Certificate (RRMC). Without a valid RRMC, the business cannot legally conduct sales in the state of Indiana.”

Owner Jesus Rojas said officials from the department came this morning and wouldn’t allow the restaurant to open. He said that he owes about $16,000 in sales taxes from April, May and June. “I (will) go pay everything today,” he said.

He said he’s awaiting money from his personal tax return, but was headed to South Bend to make the payment. He said he hopes to be open as early as this evening.

The small taqueria at 57995 C.R. 9, is well-known for its burritos and tacos and also has a food truck that is popular at the Elkhart County 4-H Fair.

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