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Hot Fudge Sundae Day: What’s your favorite topping?

There are plenty of cold treats to enjoy on a hot summer day, but few are as classic as the hot fudge sundae.

[DID YOU KNOW: Soft serve wasn’t invented on purpose.
Talk about a happy accident!

The classic combination of vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce is pretty perfect, but there’s always room for improvement. Put a single cherry on top. Shake on some sprinkles. Chop up some candy bars for extra chocolate and crunch. If you want to get really wild, add another flavor of sauce like butterscotch or caramel.

You can get as crazy as you want with the add-ons and you’re guaranteed to have an incredible dessert.

And that doesn’t even include the many different options you have for the ice cream itself!

[TRY AT HOME: Homemade ice cream is
easier to make than you think

In honor of National Hot Fudge Sundae Day on July 25, we want to know what toppings you like to put on top of a bowl of ice cream. Cast your vote in the poll below. If your preferred topping isn’t there, head on down to the comment section to share your favorite!

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  • Kelsey · July 27, 2016

    Crushed up cookies (any kind) on ice cream is the BEST!

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