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Indiana Sunday alcohol law eased ahead of holiday

Break out the bubbly, because Indiana has relaxed some of its restrictions on Sunday alcohol sales.

Several new laws went into effect on July 1, including one that allows artisan distilleries, breweries and wineries to offer Sunday alcohol sales, according to ABC 57.

Specifically, House Bill 1386, “Allows the holder of an artisan distiller’s permit to: (1) sell liquor for carryout on Sunday in a quantity at any one time of not more than four and five-tenths liters…”

“Sunday sales will allow us one more day and maybe even one more day when we’re a little higher profile at the local level to offer products directly to the customer,” Michael Norris, head of production for Indiana Whiskey, told WNDU in an interview.

In reaction to the new Sunday alcohol law, Indiana Whiskey stated on its Facebook page that it will be open from noon to 2 p.m. Sunday, July 3, for sales. Customers who purchase a bottle will receive a $10 gift certificate good toward future purchases, as well as a free branded shotglass.

However, the law doesn’t allow Hoosiers to purchase alcohol from other retail outlets such as liquor stores or grocery stores.

The bill was authored by Rep. Thomas Dermondy and was co-authored by Rep. Philip GiaQuinta and Rep. Edward Clere. Senator Ron Alting and Sen. James Arnold sponsored the bill.

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