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How To: Handheld food lets you stay busy and multitask

In a fast-paced working world, handheld food is less of a luxury, and more of a necessity.

There are plenty of on-the-go food choices, but let’s be real, not all portable food is created equally. In this episode of the Flavor 574 podcast, the crew discusses what makes the best handheld food.

However, the cast had to set the ground rules.

The totally not made up on the spot point system for great portable food:

  • Good food construction (not messy): 1 point
  • Portability/mobility: 1 point
  • Amount of hands required: 1 point per hand
  • Allow you to multi-task: 1 point

Plus, Rob and Krystal argue with Joe about whether or not a salad is fundamentally a salad if it doesn’t have dressing.

Pizza. Burritos. Banana boats. What do you think is the best handheld food?


You can find the Flavor 574 podcast and subscribe at Opt In On Demand. New episodes will appear each week and may be downloaded via iTunesGoogle Play and audioboom.

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