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Pizza Hut finally got the sauce right for all our bourbon lovers out there

Mark Twain said, “If I cannot drink bourbon and smoke cigars in heaven, than I shall not go.”

One day after bowling in my new league in Goshen, I decided to bring home some pizza and boneless wings from the local Pizza Hut. I decided to give the Jim Beam Devils Cut Spicy Bourbon BBQ a try.

To my surprise, when I got there to pick them up, the cashier warned me to get the sauce on the side or choose another sauce. Apparently people have not been really liking the taste. My curiosity got to me as I kept the Jim Beam sauce, but did have them put it in a cup on the side. When I got home, I discovered something I had never gotten in an alcohol-themed sauce before – the sauce actually tasted like the booze it represented!

I remember some 10 years ago first getting the Jack Daniel’s sauce on a burger at TGI Friday’s. It was good, but it tasted nothing like whisky.

As the years went by, the same happened over and over again. Captain Morgan sauce as B-Dubs (taste no captain) Guinness sauce at Bennigan’s (taste no Guinness) I even bought a Blue Moon spice rub (it didn’t even taste like citrus!). The sauces were good, but they just tasted like a sweet/smoky barbeque sauce. I never even got a hint of the flavor of the spirit.

I am a huge fan of bourbon. I have a few bottles of small batch and single barrel on the top shelf of my bar as well as a bottle of Rebel Yell on the lower part. I’ve even been on the bourbon trail in Kentucky and have a bottle of Maker’s Mark sealed with red wax that I hand dipped myself.

I then had to try this sauce on some actual bone-in type wings.

I can see why people would be turned off of this sauce. It has little to almost no sweetness. Instead of getting a sugary barbecue knockoff, you get a sauce that actually tastes like it was make from the Jim Beam it advertised. It can be offsetting to people not used to drinking alcohol neat, and instead having it numbed in ice or mixed with a sugary cola. I absolutely loved the taste but, like I mentioned above, I am a huge bourbon fan. It also has a spicy kick. I would put it as a three out of four on the heat scale.

Unfortunately, the sauce comes on Pizza Hut wings. If you read my original post you know how I feel about them. They are still small, dry, and have a sour taste. My hope is that some local place will get a taste of this sauce and offer their variant on some higher quality wings.

Quality of chicken aside, if you are a fan of bourbon or any type of whiskey or spirit, and drink it straight or without any mixers, you will love the unique experience of sampling the Jim Beam Devils Cut Spicy Bourbon BBQ sauce.

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