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Goshen Brewing Co. now canning its beer in Crowlers

Taking Goshen Brewing Co. beer on the go just got easier.

Monday evening was the first Goshen Brewing Company 2016 mug club event, and for anyone who is not currently a member, you may be inspired by this read to become a member of next year’s club. In addition to special deals all year long, members are treated to a exclusive events like this. The brewery is closed on Mondays, which made it a perfect time for a private mug club party.

Upon entering, members were given numbered tickets that were entered into drawings for prizes. Because I was coaching soccer practice and arrived late, I missed Steve Brenneman winning the first ever GBCo Crowler.  

Yes, that was the big announcement of the evening, GBCo now has Crowlers. This is an onsite, canning process that will put any GBCo beer fresh into a 750 milliliter can. Traditional glass growlers have been used by many breweries for several years, but they are not perfect for take out beer.

Often times they have not been properly cleaned out, they don’t seal tightly, and even though they are made of dark colored glass, some light can still affect the beer. All of these things can create off flavors.

Goshen Brewing Co. pouring the first crowler from Marshall King on Vimeo.

You order a brew, the bartender fills a can and then seals the can shut. Iechyd Da Brewing in Elkhart was the first in the state of Indiana to have one of these nifty machines. These recyclable one-time use 750 ml Crowlers are $7 at GBCo for any beer under 7.5 percent ABV. Smaller batch and limited beers may not be available for Crowler fills, so check with your bartender. Other Crowlers were given away throughout the evening as well as a stainless steel growler.

Special beers on tap included whiskey-barrel-aged Drain the Canal (10 percent ABV, 92 IBUs) which was a collaboration between the brewery and the Goshen Homebrew Club. This beer was brewed in October of 2015, and the regular version of this beer was released in January. Brewery Jesse Sensenig aged some of the beer in Journeyman Ravenswood Rye barrels, and mug club members were the first to be able to enjoy the barrel-aged version. It was a glorious beer, and I thought it was Jesse’s best barrel-aged beer yet. The other special release was Rock Run Belgian Saison (6 percent ABV, 25 IBUs) infused in a Randall with grapefruit and ginger. The added flavors complimented the yeasty flavors of this style and I enjoyed this version better than the original.

Special food items from Chef Jesse Shoemaker included bacon and mango guacamole, smoked pad Thai wings, fried morels and more. Flavor’s Food Guy Marshall King said the Thai wings were great and should be on the menu. The guacamole was similar to what ModMex used to serve, he said. And in addition, a caramelized onion sandwich with roasted bone marrow and aged balsamic was full of flavor.

The weather was perfect for enjoying the night with other mug club members and the majority of those present spent the evening on the patio.

Owner Jesse Sensenig hopped onto the wall of the patio toward the end of the evening and we raised a toast to the first year at Goshen Brewing Co.

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