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Flavor Freeze rewards Pinewood Elementary students for writing letters to the editor calling for year-round ice cream

A third grade class at Pinewood Elementary School was treated to ice cream Thursday, courtesy of Flavor Freeze, for their efforts in persuading the ice cream stand to stay open year round.

Earlier this month, the gifted third grade class of Dana Knapp wrote letters to the Elkhart Truth on various topics, including asking that Flavor Freeze stay open year-round.

The restaurant’s owner, Steve Fortier, read the letters and decided that the children deserved a reward for their letters.

“As soon as we read all of them, we thought the kids were geniuses, everything they wrote and how they wrote it,” he said.

Fortier brought in cups of Blue Moon-flavored ice cream for the students to enjoy, and to thank them.

“We decided to at least treat the class to some ice cream, it helped our business and we just try to give back,” he said.

Fortier told the class he doesn’t think he will be able to keep Flavor Freeze open year-round, but told the students that they are exploring having evening hours during the winter.

Austin Dynak wrote one of the letters about Flavor Freeze and while he enjoyed his treat, he said that he wasn’t doing it for the ice cream.

“I would’ve done it without getting ice cream,” Dynak said.

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