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The Electric Brew pours a great deal for two during Goshen Dining Days 2016

There’s nothing better than a good ole cup a Joe. I should know, it’s my namesake.

My co-worker, Lori, and I decided to head out to the Electric Brew in Goshen to enjoy their Goshen Dining Days breakfast special.

Dining days runs through Saturday evening, with participating restaurants offering special deals on food and drinks. Ten percent of the proceeds from dining days sales will benefit The Window, a non-profit organization that gives back to those in need in the community.

Lori and I got to the Brew around 9 a.m. Thursday, and they were still busy.

Their first option for a breakfast deal consists of two small coffees and two baked goods for $10 (which we took advantage of) and their second option for breakfast is two small coffees and two breakfast items for $15, which is served from 6 to 10 a.m.

Their after dinner deals are similar, but instead of breakfast items on option two, they offer two specialty desserts.

Lori and I both opted to get the French Irishman latte as our coffee and a bagel each.

We sat down and took a moment to enjoy the atmosphere of being in the coffee shop: the people coming and going, the eclectic mix of furniture, the slope of the floor, the high ceiling (we both noticed a conference room which neither of us spotted before that day).

We both arranged our coffee and bagel for photos, a hazard of being a food editor in 2016, (that’s what I’m telling myself) and prepared to sample our meal.

The coffee had a creamy and delicious vanilla flavor, not to mention the absolutely picture perfect cream design on top; we eat (and drink) with our eyes, as the saying goes.

The bagel was topped with a crumbly mixture of cinnamon and brown sugar, which made a huge mess on the table but was incredibly delicious. Lori and I both opted to get cream cheese with our bagels, because, let’s be real, if you’ve committed to a brown sugar and cinnamon topped bagel, you’re not concerned about counting calories.

I was more than satisfied by the deal that I got, but I would have liked an option for a single cup of coffee and a food item because I generally visit the coffee shop solo; it’s a minor gripe that I can easily solve as a customer by paying it forward and offering my extra cup of coffee and food to another person in the shop, or to someone who comes in in the future that day.

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