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Beer and wine making classes are the perfect way to learn a new hobby and can be shared with friends and loved ones

Date night: The one night when you can stop focusing on the responsibilities of adulthood and focus on your relationship, guilt free.

The great thing about date night is that it can be whatever works for you. It doesn’t have to mean dinner and a movie (nothing like a classic date though!), it can be as simple as looking up a nearby park and just taking a walk. Date night can even mean making a date with yourself to work on enriching your own satisfaction with yourself.

Taking a class with your spouse (or by yourself) and picking up a new hobby can create lasting memories and give you something to share with each other, with family and with friends.

When you’re a parent, it’s easy to feel like your life revolves around your child or children. Everything that you do is seen through a new lens, every action re-evaluated in terms of how it will affect your little one.

For those of us in that situation, it can become overwhelming trying to balance a career, a social life and personal relationships and still find the time to make that special grilled cheese sandwiches without the crust. For those of us who aren’t married with kids, or for those of us who are just looking for a break from the daily grind, making it a point to have adult time to spend with good friends and family is a key part of social wellbeing.

Enter beer and wine making classes. Making your own beer and wine can be an intimidating task, but it offers rich rewards. “The science of brewing is interesting because of all the things that go into it. Beer making requires more attention to detail than other alcohol. Brewers love their craft, love keeping detailed records of the process, and are always pursuing ‘the perfect brew,’ ” says Mike Lese, owner of Quality Wine & Ale Supply in Elkhart. Places like Quality Wine & Ale offer classes taught by professionals who offer advice and counseling on your new hobby.

When you make your own beer and wine, friends appear out of the woodwork. It’s a great conversation starter and provides an endless source of conversation and questions from people who want to know more about what you’re making and how it’s made.

When you create your first batch, you enter into an age-old fellowship of brewers and vintners who are highly devoted to their craft. So what do you really get out of beer and wine making?

“Camaraderie with other brewers who share your interests, making a friend or going with groups of friends to classes,” said Lese. “Brewing is much more of a social thing, something you do around the grill with your friends.”

For the beginner, classes are an excellent way to learn the craft, while also learning from the mistakes of those that have come before. Better still, when you become a seasoned pro you’ll have a group of people to discuss your new hobby with and can begin to offer your own advice to the uninitiated.

So go ahead, fire up the stove, grab the malt and barley, and brew on!

Since 2000, Quality Wine and Ale Supply and have provided home wine makers and brewers with everything they need to make the best home brews. Take your hobby to the next level with quality supplies at great prices from the friendly, helpful and knowledgeable experts at the Midwest’s leading home brewing and home wine making retailer. Quality Wine & Ale Supply is beginning to offer homebrewing classes. To sign up for a class, call 574-295-9975, or visit the store at 108 S. Elkhart Ave, Elkhart, IN 46516.

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