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Taco Tuesday at Evil Czech features camel tonight

Evil Czech Brewery and Public House usually relies on local ingredients to make the menu items and specials, but the special for Taco Tuesday traveled from afar.

Chef Drew Sachau and his team are serving camel farmed in Australia on tonight’s taco.

Yep. Camel.

The flavor profile is similar to lamb and the fat content is between lamb and beef, Sachau said. “It is very rich in flavor,” he said, noting that some people call it a sweet version of beef.

Taco Tuesday started soon after Evil Czech Brewery opened the location at 3703 S. Main St., Mishawaka. It’s the one day of the week you can mix and match tacos on the menu. It’s the one day of the week they’re on sale.

Chicken tacos are $2, pork are $3 and beef or shrimp are $4.

“It kind of turned into a phenomenon,” said Sachau, who then worked with owner George Pesek to take the next step.

Special tacos became a thing and Sachau has been experimenting with beef tongue, goat, razor clams and crawfish on various Tuesdays. One of his vendors offered camel, so he opted for a strip loin rather than ground and worked on a preparation.

He handled it similarly to the prime rib he served on a recent brunch buffet. It was brined, rubbed with a house-made harissa of ground peppers and cooked with a sous-vide method before being blasted in a pizza oven to get a nice crust.

The meat will be shaved on a tortilla and served for $4, Sachau said.

Marshall V. King is food columnist for Flavor 574 and community editor for The Elkhart Truth. You can reach him at 574-296-5805,, and on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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