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Ballast Point Brewing Co. beers will soon be available in Michiana liquor stores

Will Indiana be the next state to receive Short’s Brewing Co. beers and Starcut Ciders?  I sure hope so.  At the beginning of March, the Northern Michigan brewery began shipping their products to Illinois and Pennsylvania. Joe Short founded his company in 2004 and began distributing his beer throughout Michigan after opening a production facility in 2009.

In 2014, Shorts was the fourth-largest brewer in Michigan, and in 2015, they increased their distribution in Michigan by 24.2 percent. Joe Short said the decision to move away from the company’s Michigan only sales philosophy was not an easy one. He feels a responsibility to make decisions that help the company continue to excel at providing for their staff, investing in their community, and pushing the boundaries of creativity in their craft.  

The announcement was made on the company’s website with a hand written note from Joe Short which began by acknowledging that, “This is probably a tough decision for some people to accept.”  It then continues to state that, “While our Michigan craft beer is thriving, my observation is that there is simply too much awesome beer on the shelves for everyone to enjoy sustainable growth in the near term. We want to continue to grow and do awesome stuff, but we don’t want to sell out to investors or another brewery.”

For now anyway, Hoosiers will still need to travel north of the state line to pick up Short’s Huma Lupa Licious (IPA, 7.7 percent ABV, IBUs 96), Bellaire Brown (American brown ale, 7 percent ABV, IBUs 14), and other products from the brewery.

Indiana Beverage is expecting the first truck of Ballast Point beers this Friday. As long as the snow storm doesn’t delay the delivery, Chalet Party Shoppe expects to have Sculpin (IPA, 7 percent ABV, IBUs 70), Victory at Sea (imperial porter brewed with coffee and vanilla, 10 percent ABV, IBUs 60), and other brands from this brewery by next week.

According to Ballast Point’s Facebook page, there will be a launch event at Boombozz-Indy (which is actually located in Carmel) beginning at 3 p.m. Tuesday, March 8. Ballast Point Brewing Co. will be on location to talk to customers and give away swag.  Five beers will be on tap including:

  • Big Eye | American IPA | 7.0 ABV
  • Sculpin | American IPA | 7.0 ABV
  • Grapefruit Sculpin | Sculpin with Grapefruit | 7.0 ABV
  • Pineapple Sculpin | Sculpin with Pineapple | 7.0 ABV
  • Victory at Sea | Porter with Coffee and Vanilla | 10.0 ABV

Lastly, we will begin seeing some familiar beer in not so familiar packaging beginning March 1. Mad Anthony Brewing Company just announced the introduction of new statewide packaging designs for their six-pack favorites, beginning with their Good Karma IPA (6.5 percent ABV, IBUs 55). The new visual aesthetic will epitomize the Fort Wayne based brewery’s mantra that, “Craft beer should be a little mad.”

As I’ve said before, Indiana is a great place to live for craft beer lovers, and more options are becoming available to us in bottle shops and on draft. If you haven’t checked out the craft beer shelves at your local bottle shop recently, I highly recommend Chalet Party Shoppe or City-Wide Liquors for the widest selections.

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