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Trudge for Suds 2016 in downtown Elkhart to get Saturday Night Fever

Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother, you better stay alive for a disco-themed trek through downtown Elkhart next weekend.

The seventh annual “Trudge for Suds” returns to the city Feb. 20, offering locals and out-of-towners an evening to dress up in costumes and visit their favorite restaurants and bars throughout downtown. This year’s “Disco Trudge” kicks off from 7  to 8:30 p.m. at Krāv at 526 S. Main St.

Visitors can pick up a “Trudge of Suds” passport at the event, which lists all of the participating businesses, specials and other details of the evening. There’s also a costume contest where they can get their picture taken and be in the running for a “Pillars Prize Pack,” which will have gift cards for different downtown businesses. 

The first hundred visitors at participating restaurants will also be able to collect different-colored necklaces.

“ ‘Trudge for Suds’ is the perfect way to shake the winter blues, spend the evening with friends and visit your favorite establishments downtown,” said Jason Dink, a member of Pillars of Elkhart. “Pillars aim to provide an amusing, enjoyable way to help boost the local economy downtown during a time of year that is typically slow and also show our support for our favorite local eateries and hangouts.”

There’ll be 10 restaurants and bars participating in the event, which includes Iechyd Da Brewing Co., Crimaldi’s Restaurant, McCarthy’s on the Riverwalk, 523 Tap and Grill, New Paradigm Brewing Co., Bowly’s Crystal Bar, Five Star Dive Bar and others. Most of these places will have different drink specials and live music.

Restaurants on the outskirts of downtown Elkhart, such as Miles Lab and the Bacon Hill Kitchen and Pub, will also have dinner specials as part of the event.

The events are free and are for those who are over the age of 21.

People who participate in the event are encouraged to use the hashtag #DiscoTrudge on their social media posts about the event. Further information may be found on the Pillars of Elkhart’s Facebook page.

Editor’s note: Due to a staff error and incorrect version of this story ran with incorrect times. The above version was corrected Tuesday, Feb. 16. Flavor 574 regrets the error.

J.C. Lee is a reporter for the Elkhart Truth and writes for Flavor 574.

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