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Common Spirits in Goshen gets more funding for construction by asking friends

Ryan and Jami Hawkins are still on course to open their dream, but it meant asking for more help.

The Goshen couple didn’t want to, but publicly asked for more money to get Common Spirits, a craft cocktail bar, open at 111 E. Lincoln Ave.

The couple had already raised $15,000 through a crowdfunding campaign.

They didn’t want to make another public appeal.

“I would rather have a tooth pulled,” Jami said.

But they felt they had no choice. They couldn’t get an SBA loan, don’t have family money and have just purchased a house. “What are we supposed to do?” she said.

The good news for them is that between the public post and some private conversations, they’ve had people step forward to loan them enough to open. Ryan said Tuesday they’re still finalizing some of the arrangements with a few people, but think they’ll have the $15,000 they need.

Who are the funders? “It’s people who care about Goshen. And want cool things to happen,” he said.

Construction is progressing and the couple hopes to have the bar open in a few months, they said.

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