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South Bend Chick-fil-A owner's act of kindness goes viral on Facebook

A woman’s thank-you note to a South Bend Chick-fil-A owner who went above and beyond to provide customer service has gone viral on Facebook.

An order mix-up meant Shelby Dirrim took home breaded nuggets instead of the grilled nuggets she ordered at the Chick-fil-A at 4555 Michigan St. in South Bend. Because of diet and health restrictions, Dirrim has to limit her gluten intake and couldn’t eat the meal, she said in a Facebook post.

Dirrim said she called the restaurant to tell them about the mistake, and after hearing what happened, the restaurant owner drove to her apartment to bring her the correct order.

“He made sure I could enjoy a hot meal without any hassle or worry,” she said in the post, adding “Thank you Edward and Chick-fil-a!!!!”

The post was shared by more than 700 people in less than two days, with people adding comments like “Now that’s costumer [sic] service!” and “There are good people in this world! This story is proof!”

“I’m in awe that in this crazy world, there are still people that care about complete strangers even in the seemingly smallest of ways,” Dirrim wrote.

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