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Kurt Janowsky to take over catering service at Palais Royale in South Bend

Kurt Janowsky’s staff will soon be serving food in a second ballroom in the community.

On Feb. 1, Navarre Hospitality Group will take over catering for the Palais Royale Ballroom, 105 E. Colfax, South Bend.

The City of South Bend owns the ballroom and the building. Tapastrie restaurant is on the ground floor and the Morris Performing Arts Center is also in it. Now Janowsky’s operation will provide the food for the events there.

Masterpiece Creations, which was Center Plate Catering, had the contract, but Janowsky will have it moving forward. He signed it Wednesday to begin in several weeks, he said.

His goal is to “do restaurant quality food in an event setting. I think we achieve it.”

Janowsky already has the contract for the Lerner Theatre and its Crystal Ballroom. In 2015, he did 155 events there, which was down a bit from the record year of 2014. “It’s not the right venue for everything,” he said, noting that some non-profits opted to have fundraisers in other places. “The Lerner is the pinnacle of event venues in Elkhart County.”

The Lerner had nearly three times as many events as the Palais last year. He said even at 52 events, it was successful, but business will increase. “I am confident we will increase that business by 50 percent,” he said.

The Palais’s ballroom is 50 percent larger than the Crystal Ballroom with seating for up to 500 and a cocktail party for up to 850 people, he said. Unlike the Crystal Ballroom, the Palais is difficult to subdivide for separate events.

With hotels nearby, the Palais offers some options downtown Elkhart doesn’t have for weddings and other events, he said.

In addition to the Lerner and Palais, Navarre Hospitality Group operates The Exchange whiskey bar, Café Navarre, Rocky River Tap & Table, Matterhorn Catering and Artisan.

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