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The Wiener Shack to open restaurant

The Wiener Shack has worked its way up from a hot dog cart to a food truck, and soon there will be a permanent restaurant.

Owner Jacqueline Murray said she and her husband, Doug, needed to buy a facility due to an increase in their catering business. While they were at it, they bought a building that will have carry-out and perhaps a drive-through.

The couple has made a name for themselves with gourmet hot dogs in Goshen and Mishawaka. She said the permanent location could open in late spring along McKinley east of Bittersweet, which would give it an Osceola address.

In the second or third year, the brick-and-mortar location could have dine-in eating. The restaurant would be fast casual and use an urban/industrial interior in which to serve the upscale hot dogs, burgers, fusion tacos, wings and desserts. The Wiener Shack has become popular for its bacon-wrapped hot dogs with eclectic toppings and expanded the menu from there.

The new facility may allow the Murrays to do some things with charcuterie and smoking bacon that would may give them more control over what they serve.

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