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Taste These Broken Wings: Buffalo Wild Wings' Zesty Citrus sauce is less Mountain Dew and more Lemonhead

A few weeks ago you may have seen an article trending in your social networking sites about Mountain Dew and Buffalo Wild Wings teaming up to create a new sauce: Zesty Citrus. The sauce will be available from Dec. 14 to Jan. 2, according to a press release from Buffalo Wild Wings, and is part of a promotion in conjunction with the Citrus Bowl. I headed out to the Goshen restaurant a few days after the release to see what it was all about.

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The menu still had the Mayan Midnight Mole sauce in their B-Dubs Sauce Lab section, so I had to ask the server for it special. The server had no idea about the new sauce, but after checking with the kitchen she leaned that they did, in fact, have the sauce.

Although I was hoping for some sort of neon green color, it was transparent except for the peppering of a few spices. According to a press release from B-Dubs, the flavor of this sauce is supposed to be a mix of citrus, similar to Mountain Dew, lemongrass and spicy red pepper-flakes. What did it taste like to me? Well, the only thing that came to mind was the yellow hard candy you may have eaten as a kid called Lemonheads. This is a sweet sauce, probably the sweetest I have had on a wing, but the lemon flavor was not too overpowering.

Overall I think this is a good sauce. I wouldn’t order this on boneless or have a whole basket of these to be shared to the table, but it could find itself in the rotation when I order half this flavor, half that flavor. Maybe one day I’ll get that neon green wing that actually tastes like Mountain Dew, but I don’t see people being too disappointed if they get this as a change in sauce for the day.


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