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New Goshen Brewing Co. winter menu includes tastes of the season

The new menu at Goshen Brewing Co. is intended to take the edge off of winter.

Chef Jesse Shoemaker designed a menu for when it gets cold, but also using the ingredients that are fresh now.

The menu launches today at the brewing company, which opened in May. People enjoyed the outdoor patio this summer.

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Customers may be out there again this weekend if it hits 60 degrees, but in these dark winter days, people are eating differently.

Shoemaker is a seasonal chef who tries to use what is fresh and that includes beets and Brussels sprouts.

The menu isn’t completely new. Macaroni and cheese, pork and brisket sandwiches and ramen are all still there at dinner. Some of the specials of late are now fixtures on the new menu. I got a preview on Tuesday and here’s what you can expect:

Caramelized Brussels Sprouts ($5) are fried to get a bit of char and then paired with a sweet Thai vinaigrette. You can add bacon for a dollar. They have enough flavor without the pork and really are a bowl of green goodness at a time of year when it’s harder to find green vegetables.

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The starter menu also has Smoked Beet Dip ($5). In the center of a board with pita bread is a pile of creamy, smoky, whipped beets with hazelnuts, goat cheese and green onions. It’s pretty and flavorful and is a dish that’s easily shareable.

The new Black Bean Wrap ($9) replaces the onion sandwich for now. Whether the menu or staff warn you, the black bean hummus is spicy. It’s smeared on a spinach tortilla that is then stuffed with red onions, walnuts, avocado and greens. It’s a lighter dish than some on the menu and yet has full flavors.

The Ham Francis is on the lunch menu. Rye bread gets aioli, caraway and beer mustard, and greens before a layer of smoked ham. It’s a messy sandwich, but pulls together Shoemaker’s love for mustard and smoked meat. It’s named because Shoemaker would have named a pig Francis if he had gotten one as a child. Yes, it’s a play on Sir Francis Bacon.

The dish that may get me through a cold winter is the Panang Curry. It’s $13 with smoked brisket and $11 with fried tofu. I tried it with the beef, but look forward to the tofu because this dish has enough coconut milk and curry goodness without the need for meat. It comes with rice and should be a big seller at the brewpub.

There are a couple other new sandwiches and bread pudding for dessert. The prices are similar to what they were, but may be a bit lower in some instances. The menu prices include tax, which isn’t always the case.

Goshen Brewing Co. still has a kids’ menu, a range of its own beers and some non-alcholic options, and has salads on the menu through the winter as well. Just don’t look for fresh tomatoes. Those won’t return until they’re not shipped from afar. This menu has more than enough to offer without them.

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