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Thanksgiving 2015: Das Dutchman Essenhaus preparing to bake more than 4,000 pies

While you’re decking the halls and thawing the turkey to prepare for the holidays, the folks at Das Dutchman Essenhaus are firing up the ovens to crank out thousands of pies.

Bakers will prepare more than 4,000 pies and 4,800 dinner rolls within the week leading up to Thanksgiving in the kitchen of the Das Dutchman Essenhaus, restaurant and bakery manager Scott Zimmerman said.

The Amish-style restaurant, 240 U.S. 20, Middlebury, has 75 pairs of hands working to prepare more than 30 varieties of pies, from its seasonal favorite pumpkin pie to the ever-popular raspberry cream pie, he said.

“Our staff on the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving are here at 3 a.m., starting to make the crust for the pies, starting to get the fillings ready for the pies, get the toppings ready, firing up the ovens and putting them in the ovens and starting to bake them.”

More than 14,000 eggs, 630 pounds of pumpkins, 300 apples, 800 gallons of whole milk and 360 quarts of evaporated milk will go toward making those thousands of pies, Zimmerman said. And from the Middlebury kitchen, those pies will travel throughout Indiana and its surrounding states.

“We have orders from people in Michigan, people in Ohio, Illinois, that would drive from there to here to get our pies specifically and take them back home.”

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