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Tiedemann on Wines: Tapastrie is open in South Bend

We are excited to announce that our friends at Tapastrie in South Bend have opened their doors this week! The restaurant, 103 W. Colfax Ave., is the partnership of Carol and Terry Meehan (who also own Fiddler’s Hearth) and my good friend Tom Welsh. Tom will manage the new wine and tapas restaurant.

A few weeks ago, when Spanish winemaker Juan de la Barreda was in town, Juan and I met up with Tom and the two chefs from Tapastrie (Tony Nafrady and John Bulger) to talk about some of the food to be offered at the new restaurant and how that food pairs with Spanish wines. We filmed the entire adventure.

Here are two short videos from that day at The Oaks at SouthPaw Farm.

Tapastrie and Spanish Wine Introduction from Tiedemann Group on Vimeo.

Tapastrie’s New Dishes from Tiedemann Group on Vimeo.

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