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Elkhart Dining Days 2015: Ben's Soft Pretzels offering meal deal at Concord Mall

A visit to the mall doesn’t seem complete without a stop at the food court and until the end of today you can make that stop count by picking up an Elkhart Dining Days special at Ben’s Soft Pretzels in Concord Mall. 

The Dining Days deal at Ben’s Soft Pretzels is a pretzel pocket with dipping sauce and a fountain drink for $5, with the option to add a cinnamon sugar pretzel and vanilla icing for $2 more.

During my visit, I chose the meatball pretzel pocket. Meatball subs never disappoint, but for some reason they taste better when someone else is making them.

The pretzel pocket, while satisfying, is more like a calzone than a sub. The cheese was soft and melted without being molten lava-hot. The meatballs fill up almost every inch of space in the pretzel pocket.

It was a little greasy but if you don’t like grease, I don’t know why you would order a meatball and pretzel calzone in the first place. 

The pretzel dough was just the right balance of chewy and soft, although it was hard to taste the buttery pretzel flavor when it was mixed with other ingredients.

I didn’t order the cinnamon sugar pretzel and icing this time, but it’s worth a try if you have a sweet tooth. Be ready to brush a few, OK, a lot, of crumbs off your clothes when you’re done.

Elkhart Dining Days ends Saturday, Nov. 7, so if you’re heading to Concord Mall to do some early Christmas shopping, you can take advantage of the Dining Days special.

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