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McRib returns to McDonald's restaurants in Michiana beginning Nov. 9

The McRib is returning to McDonald’s next week, but Michiana residents wanting a taste will only have a limited time to enjoy it.

McDonald’s restaurants in Michiana will begin offering McRib on Nov. 9 and will sell the sandwiches until they run out, according to Sara Zwolski, spokesperson for McDonald’s of Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan.

This year, the McRib is made with 100 percent pork shoulder, instead of pork trim. The meat patty is covered in tangy barbecue sauce and topped with pickles and slivered onions, all on a hoagie bun.

For $5, hungry people in Michiana can order the McRib as an extra value meal, which includes a soft drink and french fries, or get two sandwiches.

“We’re bringing McRib to McDonald’s here because we know that our communities love it,” Zwolski said. “(People) look forward to the McRib every year, so we want to make sure that we offer it.”

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