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Elkhart Dining Days 2015: Stacks Pancake House offering a mighty big breakfast

When Chris Enfield, owner of Stacks Pancake House, saw a special on prime rib, he saw an opportunity to make an Elkhart Dining Days special.

Steak and eggs is on the menu at Stacks Pancake House, but not a 10-ounce seared prime rib with two eggs, potatoes and pancakes or toast for $10.

When you order it, three plates of food come to the table. Any one of them is more than what I usually eat for breakfast.

The steak, cut thin, was nicely seasoned. The eggs and potatoes were as they should have been. The two pancakes filled the round plate.

This is a truly great deal. It didn’t take long for savvy Flavor 574 and Elkhart Truth readers to pick up on that.

“The turnout’s been phenomenal,” Enfield said.

He sold 22 of the specials on Sunday alone — more steaks than he usually sells in a week. In the first four days, he was approaching 60 specials sold.

Enfield has a big breakfast and lunch menu and plates of food flow out of the kitchen to hungry diners.

I was having breakfast with my father, who the day after his 78th birthday, opted for bacon rather than a steak. The World Health Organization’s announcement about the risks of eating bacon or red meat never entered the conversation. I’m guessing it doesn’t for most of the people who were at Stacks on Monday morning, Nov. 2.

We ate. We chatted. We did what fathers and sons should do and caught up on life.

We also did what we should have done and asked for to-go boxes to take some of the big breakfasts with us. Neither of us needed that much food in one sitting. We weren’t stuffed and we left feeling good.

Enfield is ordering more prime rib to feed hungry diners. One dollar from every $10 special will go to Church Community Services. You’ve got until Saturday, Nov. 7, to get out for Elkhart Dining Days. 

“It’s great cause. What we’re doing it for,” he said.

Stacks will have been open for five years in December. During that time, Enfield has built a strong breakfast and lunch business. He tried offering dinner, including a Mexican night on Fridays in which his cooks offered authentic fare. Night business never took off and now the restaurant at 5230 Beck Drive is open 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

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