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Driveline Coffee puts caffeine on wheels in Warsaw

Warsaw has a new green Volkswagen bus bringing caffeine to folks around town.

Driveline Coffee is a different kind of food truck that’s making its rounds four days a week.

“It’s really taken off. People love it,” said 15-year-old Morgan Diecks, who operates the bus with her dad, Tom. 

Morgan is homeschooled and does her studies during the afternoon. She is still learning to drive, but doesn’t have her license just yet, so Tom takes the wheel. 

“We love coffee. We’re kind of borderline coffee snobs.”

From about 7 a.m. to noon or 1 p.m., Tuesday to Friday, the duo heads to workplaces around town. They post the locations on Facebook and are trying to build followers on Twitter and Instagram.

They bought the van near Chicago and added cabinets, refrigeration, electric and water so an espresso machine could run off a generator.

The work was done in August and now, they’re making and serving espresso and drip coffee out of the van.

“We hope to, in the spring, get a blender and make frappes and smoothies,” she said.

They’re already talking about a second van but for now, you can track down where to find the lime green Volkswagen by following Driveline Coffee on social media.

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