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Catch chicken wing specials and a game at O'Rourke's Public House

I have already covered the wings at Brothers Bar and Grill and The Legends of Notre Dame restaurant, so to complete the trilogy of Notre Dame’s campus locations for getting wings, I found myself at O’Rourke’s Public House on a Sunday during a football away game weekend. It is located at Eddy Street Commons on the corner by Angela Boulevard. As you can guess, it is an Irish-themed bar.

A large, open space gives great views to all the TVs where you can watch the games either on Saturday for the Irish, or on Sunday where you can strain your neck trying to follow all the NFL games at once.

The one unique feature of this place is that it has two bars on opposite ends of the restaurant. It’s not like your typical place with two bars, as it had a bar that was too small and just added on another bar across the room. This place was actually built like this. I like it, as it is very welcoming to someone who might be popping in for a quick beer by himself to catch the score or give a unique perspective to a group of people who want to hang out and not sit around a table all night.

There are 60 cent wing specials on Sundays. There are not many sauces to choose from as they only give the basics. Named after alcohol, you can get the sweet and spicy (Jameson), smoky (Jack Daniel’s) and barbecue (Guinness).

I went with the Jameson and Jack on these. Out of all three of the Notre Dame campus places, I would rank the wings here the best. The wings were hot and a good, large size. The Jameson ones were the better flavor — it had a slight kick to the sauce. I would only give it a two out of four on the heat scale, but the sweetness is pretty good. The Jack Daniel’s sauce was a bit potent and reminded me more of a sauce you would have on something like ribs, but it still went well with the chicken.

The price is a little steep on regular nights as it would have a CPW of 100 cents, but the 60 cent special offered on Sundays and Mondays is a great deal.

Overall, you will get about the average of a good wing here. There was nothing unique to the chicken wing itself, but the restaurant was very nice and the vibe was a lot of fun being so close to the Notre Dame campus.

Eddy Street Commons has a lot of places to eat while visiting campus. This is one of the better ones. You can have a lot of fun here watching the games and if the special is being run, eating up a couple of chicken wings.

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