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New dishes and original cocktails make grand appearance on Oak & Alley's latest menu

With the change in seasons comes the inevitable change of menus and Warsaw’s Oak & Alley not only released a new food menu this week but tweaked its cocktail section, too. 

Highlights from its “Bites” menu include the “Grand Selection Cheese Board,” an almost one pound cheese collection consisting of Crescenza (a soft ripened Italian farm cheese) and St. Geric (a triple cream with blue veins) among other selections. The board is served with bread, fig preserves and olive tapenade and can be had for you and your friends to share (or all to yourself, if you feel so inclined) for $22.

Other new items include brisket sliders, a dish which manages to squeeze a rather large amount of braised beef brisket between two buns, throwing in some horseradish cream sauce, caramelized onions and harissa pepper sauce in for good measure. At $7, it’s among the best values on the menu and a personal favorite.

Fancy a steak at a cocktail bar? Oak & Alley steps into the steak game with an 8 oz. house-trimmed filet mignon for $15 (add bleu cheese crust or sauteed mushrooms for $2 each). Clear your Tuesday dinner plans, though, as this new special is only available that day.

There’s one more new dish I should mention. You can now order biscuits and gravy late-night Friday and Saturday, a time period during the week when that breakfast staple’s heavy consistency is never more appealing.

The revised “Drinks” menu features five new cocktails: the Summer School, Time Flies, Breakfast in Kentucky, Rhubarb Daiquiri and Blood Buddy. Featuring rye, gin, rum and vodka among other spirits, the new cocktails offer a mix of original creations sure to satisfy anyone in your group.

Word of advice – order the Rhubarb Daiquiri. Consisting of Plantation 3 Stars Rum, lime, house rhubarb syrup and bitters, it’s not only the best new cocktail, but the best drink anywhere on the menu. Also, don’t forget to check out the new Cody Road bourbon. The staff at Oak & Alley went to the Mississippi River Distilling Company and handpicked their own barrel for the bar and after sampling it, I can confirm they picked the right one. It has hints of caramel and vanilla with an exceptionally smooth finish, a bourbon to be enjoyed and savored instead of thrown into the back of your throat.

Savoring the classics from Oak & Alley’s previous menu? You can still order them — you just have to remember their names.

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