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Cooking classes at Warsaw's One Ten Craft Meatery are a chance to learn from the best

Have you ever found your cooking skills lacking? Do you wonder how chefs like Jason Brown from Warsaw’s One Ten Craft Meatery prepare their dishes? Have you ever wanted to handle one of those extremely large and sharp kitchen knives and discover the secret to how kitchen staff slice and dice so quickly and adeptly without fear of Gordon Ramsey yelling and swearing at you in the King’s English? Do you like wine?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, the monthly cooking classes at One Ten in downtown Warsaw might just be what you need to give that overworked microwave of yours a break.

A new program started recently — monthly cooking classes at One Ten are small, intimate affairs limited to 10-15 people. Your interactions are with Jason himself, the owner and head cook at One Ten, with your willingness to participate the only limit to this hands-on experience. You can grab a knife and help prepare the vegetables or you can act as expeditor and prepare each dish’s presentation. Some participants choose to do nothing at all and simply sit back, relax, drink a bunch of wine and have a delicious meal prepared for them in a private setting.

Participation was across the spectrum in the class I attended, with some attendees taking a hands-on approach by preparing salads, stuffing chicken and mixing pasta. Still others simply stood back and enjoyed the camaraderie, preferring to take mental notes and pictures as they sipped on a glass of one of the complimentary wines. Questions were also encouraged — the more you learned and enjoyed yourself, the more fun Jason had, which only resulted in a more jovial atmosphere, never mind all the wine that was being consumed.

At $50 per person, the value is tremendous. Forget all the cooking knowledge you’re gaining. Participants are treated to a multi-course meal with bottomless glasses of wine (complimentary wine is limited to a few choices with other wines and wine cocktails available at their normal price), making the $50 fee a more than generous price point at a restaurant the stature of One Ten.

Classes typically take place the second or third Tuesday of each month. You can find information for the next event on their Facebook page.

Can’t make it to the classes but want to enjoy a meal at One Ten? That process just became a little easier as they are now accepting reservations. No need to worry about traveling to Warsaw only to find out there’s no room at the restaurant. Simply give them a call, make a reservation and your table will be waiting for you.

And the trick to rapidly slicing food items without chopping off the top of your fingers? Well, you’ll just have to attend the cooking class to find out that little tidbit.

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