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Los Angeles Times graphic shows you where's the cheapest and closest place to get pizza

Any pizza is good pizza. Sometimes, all that matters is how quickly that greasy slice of pizza hits the bottom of your belly.

The Los Angeles Times understands that need and published an interactive graphic on its website which shows the cheapest and closest pizza to you, as well as how it compares to different states. You first pick the kind of pizza you want, from plain cheese to meat, and whether you’re looking for a 12 or 14-inch pie.

The graphic then compares prices of three national food chains, including Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. It also shows you how far you’d have to drive to pick up the pizza. 

From the Flavor 574’s offices at 421 S. Second St., the graphic shows us the closest and cheapest 12-inch cheese pizza would be Pizza Hut at 501 E. Jackson Blvd., Elkhart. It’s half of a mile away and it only costs $8.99.

And that’s the lowest average price that’s offered in 44 states.

To give the interactive graphic a try, visit The Los Angeles Times’ website.

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