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The Dam Landing in Rochester has some of the biggest darn wings

While most of Michiana stayed home a couple weeks ago waiting for their beloved Irish to come on the tube, my family and I headed down to West Lafayette to see our Boilermakers crush the opposition. 

We had a nice tailgate for brunch with our chicken and smoked sausage on the gas grill. I even cooked up some scrambled eggs this time. When the game is over, we like to stop someplace for dinner on the way home.

When we got to Rochester, Ind., we stopped at The Dam Landing for some wings, which were pretty good. 

The Dam Landing is a small bar and grill that sits on the shores of Lake Manitou. We walked in there at about 5:20 p.m. and we were the only ones sitting at a table in the family area. I noticed there were about 10 servers at the ready, so I mentioned to my wife how the place was likely to fill up fast. 

Within 45 minutes, there was a wait to get a table. And when the food came out, I could see why. My wife had some succulent beer battered fish and my kids had some of the juiciest chicken strips that I have ever poached off their plates. I, of course, got the chicken wings.

Hands down, these were the biggest darn wings I have ever seen. It was one pound of wings for $9 and out came eight of them.

I think I got the pythons of chicken-Hulk Hogan and chicken-Macho Man Randy Savage sitting right on my plate.

They were fried up crispy and spun with a Frank’s Hot Sauce. There was nothing especially spicy with the sauce — I’d give it a two out of four on the heat scale.

I believe it was the only time I have ever only eaten eight wings for a meal and have been full. The only tough part is when you get wings this large, there seems to be an unbalance of chicken to the skin and sauce. You could dip a whole chicken breast in some hot sauce too, but it doesn’t have the same effect as a chicken wing.

Although the value was very good with the large wings (CPW of 113 cents), I prefer them a little smaller.

Rochester is about an hour drive from Elkhart. Although I wouldn’t make any special trip to check out the wings here, it is a worthy place to stop in for a meal when in the area.

The lake atmosphere and the family-friendly dining area are very nice. The restaurant even has a section in which you can sit outside and still order drinks while sitting at the bar. It sure makes a wonderful place for travelers on a warm sunny day and definitely brightens the mood after getting crushed in football by a tough Big Ten school which, unfortunately, seems to be happening a lot more these days.

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