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Dippin' Dots demonstration part of ETHOS' 'Science of Mixology' event

There’s something wildly satisfying about food made a little dangerously. 

Bayer HealthCare scientist Andy Edelbrock stood in a lab not unlike a normal-looking chemistry lab Thursday night, Sept. 17 at ETHOS Science Center. He leaned over a steaming cold vat of liquid nitrogen and right before his eyes, made science delicious. 

ETHOS teamed up with Lippert Components, Kristin and Scott Mereness, The Bill Deputy Foundation, Lisa and Ron Fenech and Mary Pat and Bob Deputy for a fundraiser at the center, giving folks a chance to see projects in progress at the center, as well as sample crafted “mixology” creations like caprese salad, guacamole, bruschetta and mixed drinks in test tubes from McCarthy’s. 

Amid the robotics demonstrations and engineering projects was Edelbrock’s demonstration of making Dippin’ Dots from scratch.

What you don’t see when you get a cup of ice cream bubbles is the process behind it, which is actually pretty scientific. The ice cream mixture has to be suspended just high enough above the liquid nitrogen so it can freeze on contact and if you blink, you could miss it. That’s how those little spheres are formed. 



Science, you are TOO COOL. #dippindots

A video posted by Flavor 574 (@flavor574) on Sep 17, 2015 at 3:51pm PDT

“The hard part was making sure the alcohol would freeze,” Edelbrock joked with guests at the demonstration. 

Edelbrock poured out Golden Cadillac and Grasshopper-flavored dots, which were infused with alcohol. 

The center’s other projects were also on display to show guests the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) instruction in class by offering hands-on learning. 

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