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National Guacamole Day 2015: Try Chipotle's recipe at home, plus five other recipes

Yes, we know guacamole costs extra. Yes, we will always want guacamole anyway. 

As it turns out, Mexican Independence Day and National Guacamole Day both happen to be Sept. 16. 

All you really need even for the most basic recipe is an avocado or two and a squeeze of lime. Whatever you choose to mix into the bowl after that is up to you (and really, there’s not much to mess up). 

We’ve no shortage of guacamole recipe inspiration at Flavor 574, from a popular local dip to an easy homemade recipe: 

This is one of the easiest guacamole recipes you could hope for. All you need is an avocado, lime and as much cilantro as you desire. And seriously, opening an avocado doesn’t have to be tricky. 

Try this recipe with garlic and tomatoes for a more garden-fresh, zesty dip. 

La Bonne Vie community blogger Rachel Shenk shared this gem last summer, which uses roasted jalapeño and a chopped orange.

Most people who have been to Mod Mex in Elkhart rave about one thing in particular: the guacamole. Food columnist Marshall King stopped by last year to learn a few tricks of the trade.

The key to a great guacamole is keeping it simple. Heat it up with a jalapeño or two, or even a Serrano pepper with this recipe.

Earlier this year, Chipotle nearly broke the Internet by publishing the recipe for its popular guacamole. It’s made in much larger batches at each restaurant to feed the masses but even with just a two avocados in the scaled-down recipe, it makes enough to share with a few friends. 

Let us know your favorite way to make or eat guacamole in the comments below! 

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