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Meet Flavor 574's newest project, 'Uncooked'

Living in Michiana is proof enough that you don’t have to be in a place like Chicago or New York to be immersed in a vibrant food culture.

In fact, I’d even say we have a bit of a one-up on a large metro area.

Seriously, hear me out. 

Walk into any local brewery and you’ll probably see the brewer getting to know customers or rolling up his sleeves and getting to work. You might sit down to order a burger and the restaurant owner already knows what you want before you even say it. Either way, you’ll be treated like family.

And isn’t that what food is all about, anyway? It’s about coming together with those we love in a common space and sharing something made with attention and care. Friends sometimes ask me what makes the food culture in our area so great and more than anything, it’s the loyalty. Our chefs, restaurant owners and brewers put heart into feeding a community.

And that tight-knit sense of community is something you might not find in a huge city. It’s a point of pride for all of us at Flavor 574 and I hope it is for you and your family, too.

It’s important to remember these folks are our neighbors, our coworkers, people we bump into at the grocery store every now and then. Often, it can be too easy to get swept away in the day-to-day about what restaurant is opening or what new thing a brewery is trying rather than thinking about the people who have made it their life’s work to making it happen. And Flavor 574 wants to change that.

Meet “Uncooked.” Two times each month, Flavor 574 will sit down with someone in the food community and get to know him outside of the kitchen. Think of it as a game of 20 questions. The next time you’re at a local brewery or restaurant, we want you to know the faces behind the scenes. 

Look for Uncooked on on Fridays twice each month. If you have questions of your own, we want to hear them. If you have people you think we should talk to, we want to meet them.

Enjoy. We bet you’ll learn something along the way.

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