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Meatless Monday: 8 tips to eating green during Vegetarian Awareness Week

For the last 10 or 11 years, I’ve tried a lot of food trends. 

It all started when I went vegetarian in seventh grade. From that time to now, I have tried raw eating, fruit only, and most recently, vegan before I switched back to vegetarian a few months ago.

The second week of September is Vegetarian Awareness Week, which is a great time to fall in love with seasonal produce since harvest season is at its peak. 

As the trend grows, it’s becoming easier than ever to find taste vegetarian food at a restaurant or swap recipes with a friend. Whether you’re a vegetarian already, are curious about plant-based eating or you know someone who is vegetarian, these 10 tips will make it a little easier. 

1. Remember there are a few types of vegetarian and it’s important to know the differences. It can sound a little overwhelming, but it’s actually very straightforward.  

2. Always keep trying new recipes and tailoring it to your tastes. It’s easy to eat the same thing all the time and burn out. Many of the recipes on Flavor 574 are either vegetarian already or can be easily modified, and we’re always taking recipe suggestions if you have them. 

3. Find a veg-friendly restaurant. There are quiet a few in our area and some like Crooked Ewe and Blaze Pizza make it easy for vegans. Community bloggers Rama Ganesan and Crystal Hallwood share some of their favorites on the Vegan at the Bend blog with Flavor 574

4. Planning ahead is key. Vegetarian lunches for adults or students can be really tasty with just a little bit of preparation the night before. 

5. Always read the labels. Some foods, usually processed ones, have sneaky meat-derived ingredients. Labels will note that, but be sure to give it a look if you’re ever in doubt. You’ll get to a point where reading an ingredient list is a breeze after a few tries. 

6. Don’t be afraid to share a recipe with a friend. It might just change their perception about what vegetarian eating is. 

7. Going beyond mock-meat is really tasty and a great chance to experiment. Think tofu and tempeh for easy, inexpensive options. The possibilities are limitless.

8. Stay in tune with your body. If you’re feeling tired or sluggish, evaluate your diet and adjust accordingly. 

What tips do you have about vegetarian eating and living? Leave one in the comments below! 

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