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Vegetarian Awareness Week 2015: Now is a great time to try vegetarianism in Michiana

Everyone’s reason for being vegetarian is unique and should be honored and respected, whatever the case may be. 

The second week of September is National Vegetarian Awareness Week, according to BRG Health. For vegetarians, it’s a good time to reflect on what being vegetarian means to them and share recipes and knowledge with friends. 

To refresh, vegetarians are folks who refrain from eating meat but, depending on personal choices, will consume eggs and dairy (or one of the two). Reasons can depend on personal choices and ethical beliefs, nutrition or even religion. 

As the food culture in Michiana changes, more and more veg-friendly restaurants and options join the mix. 

Take some time this week to try a new recipe, restaurant or learn more about what a vegetarian lifestyle is like. Flavor 574 has plenty of recipe inspiration, resources and more to get you started. 


No beef, no problem. These easy tempeh tacos will change Taco Tuesdays forever and are even vegan-friendly. 

Say goodbye to sad desk lunches or brown bags with these three fresh packable lunch ideas

We know Memorial Day is long gone, but we still have a few warm days left for cookouts. Skip the ribs or the burgers with these ideas like sweet corn or homemade black bean burgers


Though it will partially depend on when South Bend passes its proposed food truck ordinance, a vegan food truck could be hitting the streets of South Bend. Jessie Miles is a vegan who lives and works in the city and is itching to drive around making fast, fresh vegan food. 

Vegan at the Bend community blogger Rama Ganesan has dropped into South Bend’s new Blaze Pizza a few times now and though she has a few suggestions, said it’s as authentic as it gets for vegans craving carryout pizza. 

Crooked Ewe joined the local beer scene earlier this summer and community blogger Crystal Hallwood has become a bit of a regular. The brewery even has a dedicated vegan menu


“Vegan” means all meat, dairy and other animal-derived products are eliminated from the diet, including honey. This writer recently switched back to vegetarian after being vegan for two years and has a few tips. 

For Deborah Stevens, special diets are her business. She is a personal chef in the area who is making personal connections in the kitchen and helping people find recipe inspiration whether they eat vegan, vegetarian, raw or gluten-free. 

Join community bloggers Rama Ganesan and Crystal Hallwood, both vegans who live in South Bend, who share tips, reviews and more on Vegan at the Bend. You can also get the latest from Vegan at the Bend straight to your inbox with our newsletters.  

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