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It's almost a rite of passage to try the wings at a restaurant owned by Notre Dame

Welcome to article 50 of the wing reviews. Granted, one was a review of Pierogi and another was unpublished, but this will officially be number 50 in the Taste These Broken Wings canon.

I’ll have a little more to say in the Quarter Quell next week, but with the milestone and with college football season coming up this weekend, I went to a little place unique to our area that celebrates the mystique and fandom of Notre Dame.

If you’ve read my past articles, you will know that as a Purdue graduate, I am not a huge fan of Notre Dame football. Stille, as a Michiana resident, I do enjoy having the university nearby.

I have worked with some of the engineering students, met other people affiliated with the university through work and other associations and, until recently, have had a place every other year to watch in person as the Boilermakers try to spoil the hopes of the Irish before Notre Dame’s easy part of the schedule arrives.

I hopped on the Indiana Toll Road and headed over to Legends to check out its 35 cent wing special for Tuesday nights.

The place sits right on campus in front of the football stadium. It is owned by the university and the proceeds help fund social events for the students. Half of the building is a student-only nightclub and the other half a public restaurant with Irish memorabilia spread out on the walls.

I was kind of surprised to see the dining room practically empty so close to the first home game, especially on wing night. 

The Tuesday night wing special was very impressive, considering the fancier atmosphere and top-quality food menu at Legends.

On top of that, the wings were not the size of a couple of crumbs — these were large, jumbo wings. When it comes down to the size and price, this is the best deal I have seen yet.

Unfortunately, after I began digging in, the wings fell flat on their backs just like the Notre Dame football team verses Alabama back in 2013 at Sun Life Stadium.

 The sauces weren’t anything to write home about, either. The buffalo didn’t have a lot of kick to it and the spicy Thai chili was more on the sugary side than the chili side.

On a normal night, the wings are 12 for $10 with a CPW of 83 cents. This might seem steep on normal days, but with the CPW of 35 on Tuesdays, you are still getting a great deal.

Legends is a cool place for Notre Dame fans. I imagine it is a great place to catch the away football and basketball games. It also helps support the students, so you can’t go wrong patronizing a place like that.

I would suggest staying away from the wings on normal days and seeing what else the restaurant has to offer, but the quality isn’t bad enough to pass up 35 cent wings on Tuesdays.

With all the fanfare for Notre Dame, I would expect and encourage more support for the restaurant of the university that gives so much passion and enjoyment to Michiana. 

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