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International Bacon Day 2015: How to sneak bacon into almost anything

It’s savory, salty, smoky and is the popular kid on the breakfast scene. 

International Bacon Day is Monday, Aug. 31, Examiner reports, and is another excuse to indulge a little. 

If you try hard enough, you could have bacon at every meal today. Here are a few ideas. 


Bacon-wrapped shrimp, bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeños, you name it. You can wrap bacon around basically anything. Here are five ways to add the meat to nearly anything you want to get you started. 

The BLT is a classic lunchtime favorite, and it’s so simple. Make the most of harvest season with homegrown tomatoes on a BLT. And speaking of which…

Step up your BLT game with spicy caramelized bacon on a BLT from La Bonne Vie. She even dresses up her BLT sandwiches with fresh avocado.  

Quiche doesn’t have to be saved for brunch. Toss some eggs, bacon and veggies into an easy Quiche Lorraine even Julia Child would be proud of. 

A few months back, the Flavor 574 and Elkhart Truth crew had a ton of chocolate chip cookies in the office to judge which ones were our favorites. These bacon bourbon chocolate chunk cookies were a big hit and give new meaning to sweet and salty goodness. 

Guacamole just got a lot better. The crew at Mod Mex showed Marshall King how to make the popular dip with bacon. 

Vegan-friendly bacon might sound puzzling, but it’s actually really simple. Tempeh takes on the taste of a smoky, sweet marinade sauce and is great on a sandwich or with breakfast. 

What are your favorite ways to make and eat bacon? Let us know in the comments below! 

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