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Bacon Hill Kitchen & Pub is a unique place to take out-of-town visitors

One of the trends I’ve been seeing in new restaurants is a limited selection of food. Instead of a booklet of choices to thumb through, you get one page as your menu and maybe a couple of specials written on a chalkboard on the wall.

I used to see this in fancy, expensive restaurants, but now it’s showing up everywhere from your local neighborhood pub to your suburban plaza restaurant.

This can be intimidating to some people, since you might not have the comfort of just getting a burger or a piece of fried chicken, but it can also be rewarding. You can end your meal satisfied with food you would never eat in your kitchen or haven’t tried before. 

You also get the feeling that a limited menu cuts out all the lower quality, rarely ordered or off-theme meals. No matter what you order, you are getting one of the top meals the chef prepares fresh, rather than a frozen pasta meal they could warm up in a skillet really fast.

That’s the feeling I had when my cousin, her husband and I had lunch at Bacon Hill Kitchen & Pub, the new restaurant at Cobblestone Crossing.

One of the first things you will notice is the “Pulp Fiction” mural of Jules and Vincent with a Big Kahuna Burger and a tasty beverage in place of firearms. Right then, I felt like this was my kind of place.

Let me explain. The day I watched “Pulp Fiction” on my VCR from a tape I rented from Family Video back in 1995, my life changed forever. Even though in no way has my own life reflected the actions of any of the characters in the movie, it has supplied me with quotes to memorize and repeat through the last 20 years.

So let’s go ahead and review these wings, “Pulp Fiction” style.

Editor’s note: the “Pulp Fiction” clips linked in the movie references below contain strong language, so skip them if you have delicate ears or there are children present.

The fried chicken wings are described as 1½-pound jumbo wings. Do you know what they call these wings in Paris? They have the metric system, so they don’t know what the heck a pound is — they’d be called “Royale Wings with Sauce.”

I got mine with the mango habanero barbecue sauce, but do you know what else they put on their wings at Bacon Hill? Mustard! I’ve seen them do it, they drown them in that…stuff.

The mango habanero sauce was really good. It has a good, sweet taste and the heat hits you at the end. It makes your mouth burn pretty good. The wings came out freshly cooked.

It takes 30 minutes to eat that many wings. I finished them in ten.

I looked across the table and Honey Bunny was chomping down on the Bacon Hill burger. I grabbed a taste and I’ll tell you, that is a tasty burger.

The kids were eating pancakes. There was some bacon left, but I refused since I don’t dig on swine. We also ordered deviled eggs and shrimp grits were three little Fonzies, all cool sitting at the table.

After we finished off the food, we hit an uncomfortable silence and figured it was time to pay. I grabbed my wallet, but it fell out of my pocket and next to my cousin’s. No fear, I knew which one was mine

Seriously, though. I enjoyed the wings at Bacon Hill. I’m not quite sure it was a whole pound and a half. I got nine and they were big, but not any bigger than other places. Usually, you get about eight or nine large wings for a pound.

This also reflects in the CPW, 133 cents ($1.33) — one of the highest prices I have ever paid for wings. Price aside, though, the sauce here is really good. 

Bacon Hill is one of the more unique places I’ve been to eat. The southern cuisine theme combined with the Pulp Fiction mural and the hatchet knives welded to the handles of the bathroom doors make it a neat place to see and perfect for taking out-of-towners looking for somewhere interesting and local to dine.

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